Choosing suitable data types Edit

In Microsoft Access there are ten possible data types you can use for each field.

Datatype Use
Text Text is selected when you want to use either text, or text and numbers together
Memo Memo is used for larger amounts of text, but you can't sort a memo field.
Number Number is used for fields which will contain only numbers, and no other text.
Date/Time Date/Time fields can contain either dates, times or both at once, in a number of formats
Currency Currency fields contain amounts of money. You can also choose which country's currency to use.
AutoNumber AutoNumber fields automatically give each records its own number, usually starting at 1.
Yes/No Yes/No fields contain either a Yes, or a No! This can be shown as text or as a ticky box.
OLE Object We won't often use OLE Object fields, but they can be used to store a variety of things, including images
Hyperlink Hyperlink fields contain links to other files, including webpages
Lookup Wizard These fields let you type a list of options, which can then be chosen from in a drop-down list

You must always make sure the datatype you choose is suitable for the job you need to do. Bold text